Walls and Torsos
Gonçalo Sena

2017 / Xerox / 42×29,7 cm / 11 posters / unlimited run

Each poster results of an analogue printing process, working with
appropriated images online of abandoned beehive and wasp nests.
The eleven posters in the series are part of the sculpture
Walls and Torsos (2017, epoxy resin and concrete, light projectors
with sensors, photocopies and glue), expanded here as an
autonomous DIY edition. Published on the occasion of the
exhibition Walls and Torsos at Quadrado Azul, Lisbon.

· Download PDF here
· Print on a B/W xerox machine
· A3 Format, Portrait Orientation, 100% Scale
· Mix wood glue with water to create wheatpaste
· Glue one or more posters at home or outdoors

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last update Nov 2016