Tracing the invisible
Nadine Zeidler (ed.)

2011 / DE, EN / Offset / 21,5×14 cm / 64 pp. / 500 copies
isbn 978-989-97141-1-3

Edited on the occasion of the exhibition Tracing the invisible
curated by Nadine Zeidler, May–July 2010, Schloss Ringenberg,
with the support of the smax residency programme.
Subtitled "an exhibition for dubious narratives" it was comprised of
works by Lutz Bacher, Duncan Campbell, Jay Chung & Q Takeki
Maeda, Marcel Hiller, Anna McCarthy, Simon Dybbroe Møller,
Athanasius Kircher (co-curated with Wolfgang Kostujak) and Nina
Könnemann. The histories and narratives that intersected in this
(stripped and utilitarian) barroque palace are now translated onto
this book in the form of visual contributions by each artist and a
text by Nadine Zeidler.

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