Paloma Polo

2015 / EN / Offset / 47x31,5 cm / 16 pp.
1st ed. Galleria Umberto di Marino, 200 copies
2nd ed. Galeria Parra & Romero, 500 copies
3rd ed. De Ateliers, TAAK, 500 copies

When Paloma Polo and Radha D'Souza met in Manila during the
summer of 2014, Paloma was working with the indigenous people
from the province of Aurora in the Philippines from 2013. They had
been displaced from their ancestral lands to make way for a special
economic zone for industries to produce exportable goods and
services. Paloma's work impelled her to ask wider questions about
the epistemologies that inform the work of artists. The project
culminated in a workshop in the Philippines attended by scholars,
activists, writers, artists and indigenous community leaders. Radha,
a writer, academic, lawyer and social justice activist from India who
works on resource conflicts over land and water, social movements,
imperialism and colonialism, was invited to the workshop. That
meeting was the beginning of an enduring and collaborative
relationship between the two. Paloma visited Radha in London
on the 16th January 2015. There, on a grey winter evening Paloma
and Radha engaged in a lively conversation on a wide range of
subjects. This interview is based on their conversations on that day.

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