The Integration Process
Pedro Neves Marques

2012 / PT, EN / Offset / 17,8×11,8 cm / 160 pp. / 200 copies
isbn 978-989-97141-6-8

Book composed of four short stories written by the artist, each one
taking on a distinct kind of speech as a reflection of its context and
content. The Anonymous Life of Patek Philippe introduces us to
the intricacies of value attribution at play in this Swiss watch
brand through the perspective a wristwatch. On Escolha (André
Guedes, 2007)
analyses and reassesses in the style of an oblique
art review a work by the artist André Guedes with same title. The
Integration Process
presents the St. Gallen Management School
where, since the 1960s, economics and ecology have been
brought together under the field of management. And
A Numismatic Faustian Tale describes a would-be setting around
the printing of Notgeld – emergency money – during the inflation
crisis of the Weimar Republic. Each short story is illustrated by one
of the four images that embrace the book and make up its cover.

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