Next Spring Athens, June 18
Laura Preston (ed.)

Elena Parpa

2018 / GR, EN / Offset / 19×12,3 cm / 112pp. / 400 copies
Published in partnership with Adam Art Gallery Te Pātaka Toi
With the support of the Society of Friends of the House of Cyprus

The second volume in the series focuses on one film work, April
(2008/15) by Marianna Christofides. Authored by Cypriot art writer
Elena Parpa, the text is a companion piece to the film that develops
as another visual experience. Travelling to various locations in
Southern Europe, Parpa traces the film's spaces and revisions its
critique of landscape and colonization, memory and reconnection.

Next Spring is an occasional series of art reviews published
in book form. Each new issue in the series is informed by a place
where a member of the editorial collective is living, with invited
authors given a year to write an in-depth piece of criticism focused
on an expanded form of moving image. Published in English and
the language of place.

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