Langages tissés
Isabel Carvalho

2022 / PT, FR, EN / Offset / 17×11,3 cm / 328pp. / 500 copies

An exploration of the work of the Portuguese artist Isabel Carvalho, between visual and writing practices, based on the eponymous exhibition, around the history of the Centre d'art Le Lait, in Albi, France. Taking the exhibition as a starting point, this publication proposes an immersion in Isabel Carvalho's work and in the orchestration of her production process, giving space to points of view that have different degrees of proximity to the project: the curator, Estelle Nabeyrat, provides an introduction and describe its genesis; the artist herself invites the reader to take a guided tour. At a distance, Ricardo Nicolau provides a commentary to it, after a subjective journey through her work.

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last update Sep 2022