Lo-fi Strata
Gonçalo Sena

2017 / Offset + Screenprint on PVC / 27,5×18,5 cm / 28pp. /
300 copies numbered and stamped / hand-bound in two different page orders / isbn 978-989-8751-12-6
Published in partnership with Kunstraum Botschaft / Camões Berlin

This edition includes a series of low-fidelity images of
post-industrial geological strata. Starting from small scale volumes
and open structures made of clear acetate and tape – hybrids
between fragmented architectural models and geometric sculptures
– layered with concrete, soil, ink, spray, among other materials,
these semi-transparent constructions are temporary structures until
eventually becoming de-assembled into flat sheets, each
crystalizing a lo-fi visual sediment of irregular textures
and fragmented geometries, reproduced here on paper. A thin
fragment of acetate draws a horizon line on some plates defining
two fields. The horizon line overlaps with the fold of the book spine.

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