Paintings × Painting
Hugo Canoilas

2011 / PT, EN / Offset / 25,2×18 cm / 128 pp. / 1000 copies
Published by Centro Cultural Vila Flor

Edited on the occasion of Hugo Canoilas' exhibition "Provisionally
Definitive or definitely Provisional", Dec 2011 to Feb 2012, and
composed in collaboration with the artist this book presents a
large number of works done in the last decade, together with
essays by Ivo Mesquita and José Miranda Justo, as well as a
conversation between Hugo Canoilas and Claudia Pestana.
Printed on poster paper – with a coated front prepared to hold
images and and an uncoated back prepared to hold glue – every
page with colour photos was printed on the front and every text
page printed on the back, with the collation of signatures
dictating that each two pages in colour would alternate with
two black and white ones.

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