Fabel / Fábula / Fable
André Sousa and Tobias Hering

2009 / DE, PT, EN / Offset / 24×18 cm / 96 pp. / 750 copies
Published by Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Using the centrefold as an axis, this book develops a visual faux-
narrative from its extremes to the centre, recalling a travel or
dream through different geographies, wondering about the unity of
one's speech and one's position towards images and reality.
Through the repetition of objects or subjects this line up of images
avoids the construction of hierarchy in images, and produces both
a déjà vu strangeness effect and a night/day cycle. This book
shows for the first time a wider group of photos by Sousa revealing
new layers and bringing clues for trackers on his work.

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