"Eppur si muove"

2013–15 / PT with EN subtitles / HD, color, sound, 11'07"

In the beginning of 2013, we were comissioned a text for MArte #5,
a yearly art and design magazine, published by the Fine Arts
School in Lisbon. This invitation concerned 'modes of circulation',
having in mind that us three from ATLAS are visual artists working
in parallel to publishing. By the end of the year, MArte hadn't been
published yet, and on an invitation by castillo/corrales, the text was
instead presented there in English. By mid-2014, MArte still hadn't
found its way onto paper. The editors organized a symposium in
Lisbon, which we could not attend due to travel budget constraints.
The text-turned-presentation turned into a video, to be sent as our
contribution, featuring our beloved public sculpture by czech artist
Ludmila Seefried-Matejková – "Doppelgängeradmiral" (1985)
placed in Admiralstraße, Berlin – with a voice-over reading of the
abridged text in Portuguese. Later on that year, the text-turned-
presentation-turned-video was shown at the Green Parrot Cabinet,
in Barcelona, with the addition of English subtitles. It has been
shown again in Porto, March 2015, as part of a group show.
MArte #5 was finally published in September 2015.

Our contribution in PDF: here (PT) or here (EN)

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