2012 / PT, EN / Offset / 16×10 cm / 16 pp. / 1500 copies +
24 postcards

AP × HC is a conversation between ATLAS and Hugo Canoilas,
that resulted in a series of 24 interventions on books belonging to
Gulbenkian's Art Library; as well as a brochure that accompanied
the catalogue for the exhibition Infinite Tasks, curated by Paulo
Pires do Vale, Gulbenkian Museum, Lisboa, Jul–Oct 2012.
Invited to remake a previous project for this exhibition, Hugo
extended this invitation to us so that we could rethink it together.
Following the form of hidden interventions on library books, which
was key to the previous iteration, we focused on the possibilites of
systems of circulation, and relations between archived contents in
a library. The conversation process followed on from a series of 12
photographs taken by Hugo in Ajka (Hungary, 2007), to which we
assigned 12 different quotes thus creating pairs, in a total of 24
elements. These elements, in the form of postcards, were then
placed in specific books of the library chosen accordingly.
Alongside this intervention, a brochure was printed to accompany
the exhibition catalogue. It contains the twelve photographs by
Hugo and an index of call numbers for the books in Gulbenkian's
Art Library, where the postcards were inserted and are available
for reference.

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