0. ATLAS Projecto de Desenho

2008 / PT / Offset / 30×22,5 cm / 48 pp. / 300 numbered copies
isbn 978-989-20-1149-3

Having Drawing as discipline as its base, each author is invited to
participate with an unpublished work, for which this format works
as the starting point. In a site-specific logic of creation, we aim at
bringing together various languages by showing works of people
from different generations, cross-sectioning contemporary art
practice in Portugal. With contributions by Alexandre Conefrey,
Ana Baliza, Ana Jotta, Ana Manso, Daniel Melim, Delfim Sardo,
Joana Escoval, João Queiroz, Martinha Maia, Miguel Ângelo
Rocha, Pedro N. Marques and Pedro A. H. Paixão.

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