Ámanhã 1909-2009
Braço de Ferro (eds.)

2009 / PT, EN / Offset / 29,7×23 cm / Pages 65-80
Published by Braço de Ferro – arte & design

«Between the 1st of June and the 15th August of 1909, six
numbers of the anarchist periodical Ámanhã were published in
Portugal, by the hand of Grácio Ramos and Pinto Quartim. In its
inaugurational issue, the authors defined this publication as a
"popular magazine of rational orientation, breaking away with all
the past, without paying respect to either idols, gods, dogmas or
preocuppations." Throughout the periodical's short-lived existence
themes like education, free love, work, libertarian pedagogy,
atheism and property were discussed in its pages.»

ATLAS has re-edited and recomposed the 6th and last issue of Ámanhã, 15th August 1909

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