1. ATLAS Monumentos
André Romão, Gonçalo Sena and Nuno da Luz

2008 / PT, EN / 9 digital prints / 30×20 cm / 6 numbered copies

An image is usually a reduction of a multidimensional set of
relations (at minimum, a complex one) to a two-dimensional plane.
A Monument stems from this same fact. The multiplicity of
moments, fragments, debris and accumulation that composes us
are assembled and reduced to a unit. Celebration and therefore
archival are sides of the same coin – a process of construction and
levelling. Monumentum indicates the act or the means of
remembering. These three acts, three sets of three photographs
each, are not attempts at remembering, but instead processes of
prospection. These are future archives, hence of nothing. Don't
lead as much as produce a halt.

Instead of causing us to remember the past like the old
monuments, the new monuments seem to cause us to forget
the future.

Robert Smithson

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