ATLAS Projectos is a publishing collective founded in 2008, by artists
André Romão, Gonçalo Sena and Nuno da Luz, and currently based in Berlin and Lisbon.

Running in parallel to each of their individual practices, ATLAS has published books
and records by a circle of close collaborators, outlining zones of affect and affinities.

As a publisher, we intend to give visibility and circulation to projects and contents we
believe in, where each object follows its own logic of production and print run, working
in close relation with authors and collaborators.

We edit, design, produce and distribute what we publish, along with independent
collaborations with other publishers, allowing the circulation of resources and helping
the progression from us to you: to publish → to render public → to divulge.

To become aware of the means of production today, means to define the mode of how
we want to communicate and act, not because we are authorised to do so by the
institutions of power, but by virtue of an unconditional politics of dedication, in which
we see mirrored all those we collaborate with.

contact us at info [at] atlasprojectos [dot] net
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last update Aug 2018